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AI21 Studio provides API access to Jurassic-2 and Task-Specific language models. Our models power text generation and comprehension features in thousands of live applications.

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Foundation Models

Take on any language task. Our Jurassic-2 models are trained to follow natural language instructions, requiring no examples to adapt to new tasks.

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Task-Specific Models

Use our specialized models for common tasks like contextual answers, summarization, paraphrasing and more. Access superior results at a lower cost without reinventing the wheel.

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Need to fine-tune your own custom model? You're just 3 clicks away. Training is fast, affordable and trained models are deployed immediately.

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Embed AI-first experiences in your product

Leverage AI21 Studio's API across industries and use-cases

AI co-writer

Give your users superpowers by embedding an AI co-writer in your app. Drive user engagement and success with features like long-form draft generation, paraphrasing, repurposing and custom auto-complete.

AI co-reader

Help your users combat information overload. Compress long documents into short summaries, extract key points and offer high-fidelity semantic search over knowledge bases.

AI business insights

Make sense of unstructured text sitting idly in your data lake. Solve topic classification, sentiment analysis, entity extraction and other challenging language understanding tasks in 15 minutes.

AI content automation

Automate repetitive tasks across all stages of the writing process: drafting, editing and review. Empower content teams to easily expand their reach to new markets, platforms and audiences.

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Enterprises need production grade reliability.

Designed for security

We are ISO27001 compliant.

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Our NLP experts are here to support you every step of the way.

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״We were looking for language models that are fast and reliable while staying cost-effective. AI21 Studio offers all of that in addition to being agile which is a must in our fast-paced marketplace!״

Ryan Seamons | VP Product
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״AI21 Studio was a game changer in powering our chatbots. We experienced an immediate impact both from our users and from the quality of information we extracted from chats with our users. Our conversion rate improved by 10X within a few weeks!"

Brent Davidoff | Product Director
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