We believe AI is great,
but also that we're still very far
from capturing real intelligence.
We aim to get a little bit closer.

A few words

about ourselves 

AI21 Labs was formed by AI luminaries and veterans of the elite technology unit of Israel’s IDF, with the mission of building AI systems with an unprecedented capacity to understand and generate natural language.



Prof. Amnon Shashua


Prof. Yoav Shoham


Ori Goshen


Barak Lenz

VP Engineering

Barak Peleg

Prof. Moshe Tennenholtz

Chief Scientist

VP Product

Guy Einy

Professor Friends

Shai Shalev-Shwarz

Omri Abend

Dan Jurafsky

Kevin Leyton-Brown

Dan Roth

Yonatan Belinkov

We are always on the lookout for outstanding people

Introducing Wordtune

Wordtune is our writing companion product designed to reduce the gap between our thoughts and what we end up writing. It introduces a new writing paradigm, where humans and machines work iteratively together to shape ideas into words.

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