Generative AI

is the Next AI

We are at the start of the Generative AI revolution – the ability of machines to understand and generate natural text. It’s no coincidence that language is a unique human ability, so making such significant progress calls for considerable scientific and engineering innovations. At AI21 we aim to lead this revolution. And if we succeed, we'll have turned machines into the ultimate thought partners.

LLMs for the Enterprise

We make our sophisticated language models available to enterprises who want to create 
AI-powered products at scale, inspiring them to dream up exciting applications in every domain.

Build generative AI applications that solve today's business challenges, powered by AI21's state-of-the-art foundation and task-specific models. Optimized for reliability, no NLP expertise needed.

AI21 studio playground mockup


We believe that pattern recognition at scale - of the sort offered by current deep language models - is necessary but not sufficient to achieve our goals. We’re building enriched models that understand context and semantics at unprecedented levels.

Reading and Writing

We believe both writing and reading can be radically transformed by making them AI-first experiences. Machines should work alongside humans and empower them to be better versions of their writing and reading selves.

Your thoughts in words

AI21 Labs introduces the first of its kind writing companion that helps you rephrase your writing to say exactly what you mean.

Generate and Analyze Text With Easy-To-Use Large Language Model APIs

AI21 Studio offers a new way to launch NLP-based applications, with an array of Large Language Model APIs, and with the ability to easily customize those models to suit the needs of your application.

Build scalable & efficient applications powered by AI21's state of the art language models that can process any language comprehension or generation task.


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