Foundation ModelsTake on any language task

Access Jurassic-2, our best-in-class large language models that give you maximum flexibility to provide AI-first reading and writing experiences.

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Active State

Power any application with NLP that’s as flexible as you need.

Instruction models

Instruction-tuned models that can follow natural language instructions without needing any examples.

Custom models

Optimize models to fit your specific needs with effective, easy-to-use tools that train custom models. Save when you scale, with no additional charge for custom model usage.

Multilingual support

Supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

Privacy and security

Deploy a dedicated model for your organization’s instance. ISO27001 certified.

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Why AI21 Studio?

Top-ranked quality

Jurassic-2 models are among the highest in the industry ranked for accuracy and reliability, according to Stanford’s HELM.

Tailored to your app

Generative text AI that fits your product like a glove. Build and deploy customized models, access your unique instance, and more.


30% more efficient than other providers, plus no additional charge for using fine-tuned models.

Hear it from our customers

״We were looking for language models that are fast and reliable while staying cost-effective. AI21 Studio offers all of that in addition to being agile which is a must in our fast-paced marketplace!״

Ryan Seamons | VP Product

“We needed to build tools that are specific to the problems of our users. It couldn’t be just about generating text. We found working with AI21 to be a breath of fresh air.”

Ryan Bowman | Co-Founder

“We chose AI21 Studio because of its pricing and flexibility with fine tuning the models. We were able to maintain high standards on the quality of content, enabling our users to succeed and for us to grow.”

Thibault Louis-Lucas | Founder

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