AI Co-Writing

Help Your Users Write Better Using Generative AI

Leverage LLMs and offer the latest and greatest in AI writing assistance.

Powering writing experiences for leading companies

Our capabilities

Everything you need to provide a 360º co-writing solution

Short-form text generation

Create concise and engaging text for ads, website copy and more.

Long-form text generation

Generate blog posts, articles, ebooks and long texts.

Grammar correction and writing improvement

Ensure that your users’ written work
is accurate, clear, and professional.


Highlight the main points of any piece of text.


Convey the same meaning of a sentence or paragraph in different words.


Train the model to write in your tone and voice.

Website builders and content editors

Text generation. The hardest part of writing is getting started.

Let the AI handle the first draft for your users.

Guided paraphrasing. Increase your users’ productivity by automating time-consuming tasks such as iterating on ad copy or repurposing content for a new target audience.

Grounded generation. Generate content that is rooted in verifiable knowledge and give your users peace of mind by providing proper citations.

Knowledge platforms

Smart auto-drafting. Your users will love writing at the speed of thought using  generative AI and contextual completions for sentences and paragraphs.

Fine-tuned summarization. Every long document needs a TL;DR. Help your users enhance reports with executive summaries, simplify onboarding material with recaps, and more - all automatically generated with AI.

AI proofreading and editing. Help organizations level-up their knowledge base with a full suite of spelling, grammar and style improvements.

Communication platforms

AI-generated messages. Help users save time by generating context-relevant responses based on a short prompt.

Multi-purpose summarization. Reduce information overload by summarizing messages, threads, and links.

Grammar corrections and recommendations. Bring global teams closer together with an AI safety net that helps English Second Language (ESL) speakers express themselves easily.

Join the AI era

Many leading platforms have already adopted AI co-writing in their text editors. These include Google, Microsoft, Canva and Notion.

The market size for these tools was valued at $410.92 million in 2021 and is expected to grow to $1.3B by 2030.

Benefits for users

Increase user engagement

Users who find value in your product tend to utilize it with increased frequency.

Increase user productivity

Whatever your users are writing, co-writing features will help them write it better.

Draw users to your platform

Today's users know about the power of generative AI and expect the latest technology readily available in their writing tools.

Benefits of our models

5M+ users

We know co-writing

Having developed Wordtune, we have unparalleled knowledge and expertise in AI writing.

99.99% uptime

Reliable responses

Utilizing our industry-leading LLMs will ensure your users will get useful and reliable suggestions every time. 

3,000+  custom models

Fine tuning

Create content based on your
own models.

All programming languages

Easy integration

Developers are just one line of code away from leveraging our powerful and flexible API.

Level up your writing app

AI21 Labs offers the best production-grade LLM solution for co-writing apps and editors. Learn how you can save money and valuable development time, while helping your users write better and faster with AI.

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