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AI21 Labs builds Foundation Models and AI Systems for the enterprise that accelerate the use of GenAI in production.

From frontier research to enterprise-scale offerings, our pursuit remains the same – empowering companies with AI systemsto communicate with clarity, decide with confidence, and innovate without limits.

Research & reality
Research & reality
Research & reality
Research & reality
Research & reality

AI21 Labs was founded in 2017 by pioneers of artificial intelligence, Professor Amnon Shashua (Founder and CEO of Mobileye), Professor Yoav Shoham (Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and former Principal Scientist at Google), and Ori Goshen (Founder of CrowdX) with the goal of building AI systems that become thought partners for humans.

AI21 Labs enables enterprises to design their own generative AI applications with our groundbreaking models at the core.

Our mission? To bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and enterprise-ready AI systems.


Amnon Shashua
Chairman & Co-Founder
Ori Goshen
Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Yoav Shoham
Co-CEO & Co-Founder

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