First, some background...

In the past decade, neural networks fueled by unprecedented volumes of data and powerful computing led to a revolution in computer vision - the ability of machines to understand and generate images.

Language is harder for machines than vision and requires tectonic shifts in the way we build these machines.

our mission

Why We’re Here

Simplifying history ever so slightly, in the past millennium there were two important milestones.


Microsoft PM defined Word, and we've been writing the same ever since.


Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, and we've been reading the same ever since.


AI21 Labs is reimagining the way humans read and write, for the better.

They say two heads are better than one. 

We say two heads - one human and one intelligent machine - are the best.

our technology

What We’re

We’re building state of the art language models with a laser focus on understanding meaning. And to do this, we're simultaneously introducing scientific innovations and tackling frontier software engineering challenges posed by models of this size and sophistication.

who we are

The Team

AI21 Labs was founded by AI pioneers and technology veterans in 2017, including Prof. Yoav Shoham (Professor Emeritus at Stanford), Ori Goshen (Founder of CrowdX), and our chairman, Prof. Amnon Shashua (Founder, Mobileye).

Our Advisors

Omri Abend
Yonatan Belinkov
Dan Jurafsky
Kevin Leyton-Brown
Chris Ré
Dan Roth
Shai Shalev-Shwartz
Sebastian Thrun

Our Investors

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