Case Study

How NLP-powered chatbots can help you scale up


increase in conversion
rate to sign-up


new daily sign-ups

The story

Harambee is the official platform for governmental bodies in South Africa for assisting the youth in their job hunt. They faced sharp increase in demand, thus needed to find a solution to automate the onboarding process of their candidates and to extract as much valuable information from the conversation.

From our previous work with other chatbots [before finding AI21], we had seen how the signup process was a vital component for ensuring high levels of engagement and most chatbots failed to do that with an audience like ours. I saw that AI21 Studio had an easy-to-use fine-tuning feature that did not require any previous coding experience, I was excited to see how quickly I could prototype different conversational flows and build something that felt human and relatable.
Brent Davidoff | Product director, Harambee
The goal

Automate the onboarding process and extract key insights from it

The solution

Using AI21 Studio's summarization and text generation API

Harambee wanted to built a conversational onboarding process that would collect valuable information from the user while creating an authentic connection.

Traditional chatbot technology did not meet the mark so Harambee set out to implement their own, on top of AI21 Studio as the text generation engine powering the conversation.

The impact was immediate already after few sessions. Harambee's number of applicants grew by 10X and the conversion to sign-ups improved by 20% compared to their prior approaches.