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Build exceptional AI-powered reading and writing experiences with plug-and-play APIs, no NLP expertise needed.

Leverage task-specific models across use cases and industries

Text editors

Enhance your text editor tools with a wide range of AI capabilities that level up your users’ writing skills.

Retail software

Automate the writing of product descriptions based on specified requirements, including text length, tone and diversity.

Knowledge and
support platforms

Deliver instantaneous answers to users asking questions based on knowledge hosted in your help center or internal repository.

Content management systems

Generate summaries of long documents or articles at scale, allowing your users to consume more content in less time.

Ready to level up your app with generative text AI?

Wordtune API

Access the AI engine behind Wordtune, our award-winning app that elevates the reading and writing skills of its millions of users.


Implement paraphrasing functionality within your app, including rewriting text based on tone and length.

Text Improvements

Help your users better articulate their thoughts in writing with improvement recommendations.

Grammatical Error Corrections

Supercharge your app with the ability to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, misused words and more.


Embed text summarization features into your solution, giving users the ability to extract key insights from long documents.

Text Segmentation

Slice large amounts of text into distinct topics. Used in conjunction with Summarize API, allow your users to summarize long texts slice-by-slice.

Summarize by Segment

Embed a solution that segments large amounts of text into distinct topics and then generates a summary for each segment.

Summarize Conversation

Extract key insights and summaries of transcripts from podcasts, earning calls, interviews and business calls.

Contextual Answers API

Generate question and answers based entirely on information from a corpus of documents – a knowledge base, help center library, or documentation collection.

Contextual Answers

Provide answers to your users’ questions that are accurate, relevant, and fully grounded in the context of your source materials.

Semantic Search

Implement a ready-to-use search engine, enabling users to query and retrieve the most relevant text segments from your documents.


Upload and store multiple documents that support other APIs including Contextual Answers.


Transform text into fixed-size vectors to capture their semantic meanings in a high-dimensional space. Supports Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), classification, clustering and other use cases.

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“At Language Confidence, we explored many different grammar API solutions: Languagetools, GrammarBot, ProWriting Aid, Sapling AI, Trinka AI, PerfectTense, ChatGPT and Google PaLM. We found that AI21 Labs' Grammatical Error Corrections API was the best solution in balancing accuracy, consistency and reliability, latency and costs.

Swahn Fraye | CTO & Co-Founder

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