Task-Specific Models

Designed with your goals in mind

Enterprise leaders face real problems that need real solutions. Our suite of specialized Task-Specific Models (TSMs) solve high-impact use cases that drive rapid results.

Engineered for efficiency, built for trust

Task-Specific Models (TSMs) are optimized, smaller models trained to excel
in specific generative AI tasks. This focused approach translates to:

Out-of-the-Box Value

Get started quickly with packaged solutions that integrate seamlessly intoyour workflow.


Smaller more focused models reduce unnecessary spend that often comes with larger models.

Higher Accuracy

Grounded, robust outputs with built-in safety guardrails reduce hallucinations and minimize risk.

Lower Latency

Smaller footprint means faster response times, keeping your applications agile and efficient.

Where value meets performance

Power critical workflows with GenAI solutions 
that outperform on accuracy and efficiency.

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Discover the perfect fit for your challenge

Master of Q&A

Get grounded answers to questions, based on your specific organizational knowledge base, powered by our proprietary RAG Engine.

Better Quality Output

Evaluated on SQuAD v2 against key competitors, Contextual Answers outperforms in delivering more accurate & relevant responses to a particular question.

Use Cases

Power customer chatbots, financial doc Q&A, research assistant, agent assist, digital health consultant and more.

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Get to the Point

Condense lengthy text without losing key information, and create short, readable 
summaries that remain factually consistent.

Outperforms Competitors

Outperforming GPT 3.5 with more comprehensive and accurate summarizations.

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Use Cases

Power complex summarization of lengthy financial documents, and transform research and reports into concise memos.

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Topic-Focused Deep Dives

Divide text into topics, and summarize each section for efficient scanning and comprehension of lengthy documents.

Use Cases

Create digestible overviews of content-heavy documents like research papers, legal briefs, and manuals.

Meeting Maven

Summarize key points from customer calls, earnings calls, podcasts, and business meetings.

Use Cases

Extract crucial insights from customer support calls to improve service and training. Or distill important outcomes and action items from meetings and earnings calls to inform stakeholders.

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Ensuring relevance with RAG Engine

Context is king. Our Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) Engine provides an AI system around our models that allows enterprises to build GenAI solutions grounded in their proprietary data.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Built-in security mechanisms
that keep your data safe.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

Tailored to your unique domain and context.

Reduced Hallucinations

Factual, grounded outputs mitigate risk across use cases.

Stop wrestling with complex prompt engineering

Empower your team with ready-to-use TSMs, built-in verification, and an intuitive interface.

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