Question Answering AI That's Grounded in Your Organization's Knowledge 

AI21 Studio’s Contextual Answers is a  powerful question answering engine that improves customer experiences and increases productivity, with AI-generated answers which are 100% based on your company’s proprietary data.

Generative AI you can trust

Minimizes AI hallucinations

Contextual Answers is built to generate answers that are grounded, truthful and correct. Answers are based 100% on your organization's knowledge bases, documents, policies, and help centers.

Saves costly

With Contextual Answers, there is no need to invest in the time of AI, NLP or data science practitioners.

API solution

Organizations can integrate Contextual Answers into various organizational platforms: customer support, knowledge management, financial, legal, education, and more.

Generative AI you can trust

Step 1

Easily upload documents 

Upload all your organizational data through API or Studio platform.

Our models will process them behind the scenes, so that every answer it generates will be completely based on this data.

Step 2

Plug-and-play API to integrate into your systems

Our API is easy to use and embed. Every developer, even non-NLP experts, can start using it to allow end users’ questions to be passed as a query to the model.

Step 3

Your end user asks a question

Have a question? Simply ask! Our Contextual Answers engine understands and responds to natural language, no matter how it’s phrased.

Step 4

Information retrieval and tailored answer generation

Using state-of-the-art retrieval technology, our models spring into action and search across multiple documents to retrieve the information that's relevant to the question.

Based on this information, our AI crafts a comprehensive and tailored answer. An answer will be provided only if the information can be found in the documents.

Contextual Answers: Generative AI minus the complex integration

Other solutions require skilled NLP experts to carry out various prompts and evaluate the model performance under different conditions, while Contextual Answers can be implemented with no prior AI experience.

AI21 Studio

  • Built-in mechanisms to avoid hallucinations and base the answers solely on the organization's context

  • Plug-and-play solution

  • Scales according to your needs

  • Free storage of up to 1GB

Other solutions

  • Elaborate prompts

  • Extended team of engineers

  • Advanced evaluation models

  • Prior machine learning experience

  • Low reliability

  • File storage / database

Your entire business succeeds with AI21 Labs

  • Other solutions

    By answering end user support questions using internal organization documentation, support teams can reduce the load of tickets,lower costs and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Financial service

    Contextual Answers can assist in the analysis of business documents such as financial reports, call logs and past presentations — allowing analysts to cover more resources.

  • Education service

    Students, teachers and researchers can quickly find answers in large databases full of articles, books and research papers.

  • Legal services
and insurance

    AI provides organizations with the ability to quickly look up relevant legal documents, including legislation, regulations and internal compliance guidelines.

  • Sales and marketing

    Sales and marketing teams can pull information from product documents, competitor analysis, marketing materials and sales playbooks to answer customer queries or build pitches.

  • Internal company

    Organizations can empower their employees with internal docs and company policies that are easy to find.

Your entire business succeeds with AI21 Labs

Gain unprecedented organizational knowledge by quickly and accurately scanning your organization’s documents to deliver instant answers.