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Write Label x AI21: How A Media Platform Saves Up to 95% of Its Writing Costs with Generative AI

May 31, 2024
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Discover how Write Label works with AI21 to improve operational flexibility, scale its editing and writing communities and bring innovation to the ad copy space with future-proof workflows combining AI and human capabilities.

Company Overview

Write Label is an end-to-end creative solution for broadcasters, media companies, and creative agencies, creating audio and video ad spec scripts within 24 hours. The company harnesses the power of AI coupled with a global community of multilingual professional creatives, algorithmically-optimized for the needs of Write Label’s clients and their audiences. 

Industry: Media/ Content

Offices: USA


Write Label wanted to reduce costs and improve turnaround times. They also wanted to find a solution for scaling for larger volumes of content and improving operational flexibility without relying solely on their editor and writer communities. With the media landscape rapidly changing, Write Label leadership was also looking for strategic ways to introduce innovation into their platform and processes, which would cement their leading position in their vertical and offer clients differentiated value. 

Write Label needed quality radio-ready ad content. Working on radio ads, they looked for an AI solution that will be able to produce creative, sales-oriented copy while still adhering to key requirements:

  • Length: 15, 30, or 60 seconds long
  • Structure: A compelling hook, spelling out business names and website addresses, and other best practices like syllable count.


Integrating AI21’s custom model – trained on our Jurassic-2 foundation model – into Write Label’s process allows clients to choose a new way to generate content, enjoying AI outputs with  increased efficiency and reduced turnaround times. This empowers Write Label to offer a solution that can scale globally with less dependency on the editor and writer communities, enable their human talent to focus on what they enjoy most, and stand out in their market as a leader in AI-enhanced workflows.

In collaboration with AI21, Write Label built out an interface with several different workflows, including: 

  • A raw AI-generated script generator
  • A syllable counter
  • An optional editorial oversight process  – where clients opt into having Write Label’s professional editors check if the copy complies with editing best practices, as well as FTC and FCC regulations. 

In all cases, Write Label’s platform also allows clients to make their own edits.

Clients have the choice of opting in to use AI-generated content exclusively or in addition to tapping professional writers, and they are showing excitement. The combination of trained, industry-specific writers with trained LLM models is a huge advantage for us in the marketplace,” says Marissa Siefkes, COO at Write Label. 

Under the Hood

Reference Architecture

This case study demonstrates the potential benefits of using a custom AI model when needed. Together with AI21, Write Label developed a custom model based on J2-ultra architecture to generate radio ad scripts for a combination of enterprises, and small/medium businesses (SMBs). Custom models allow focused training on a narrow task using limited data, in this case radio ad generation guidelines and a set of example scripts. 

A game changer for media ad creative

From hours to seconds

Before implementing AI, Write Label would guarantee five 30-second ad submissions within 8 business hours. Writing would take 90-120 minutes. It now takes seconds.

95% cost reduction

The writing component costs were reduced by at least 95%.

Creativity at scale

Before implementing AI, Write Label would send clients a set number of draft scripts for each request. With AI21, clients are in control; they can generate a few options to start, and then additional scripts if they want more.

“Two years ago, we looked at the AI players with easily integrated APIs, and chose AI21. They worked with us hand in hand on customized models and filters. We’ve now reached a commercially viable product that our clients are very happy with. AI21 have been true partners, guiding us in our transition from traditional, human-generated output to combining AI-generated output – and that has made a real difference in bringing us to where we are now. Working with AI21 made us more competitive in our space. We were lucky that we got on this wagon early with AI21, which made us future-proof.” 

Gideon Stein, Executive Chairman, Write Label

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