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Shanen Boettcher Appointed Chief AI Policy Officer

May 31, 2024
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As AI21 expands into enterprise markets, we’re delighted to welcome Shanen Boettcher as Chief AI Policy Officer to spearhead our responsible AI approach.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Shanen Boettcher as Chief AI Policy Officer. His role will help to implement responsible AI policies amidst our expansion into the enterprise market. He brings extensive experience in enterprise technology implementation and product management from top technology companies, including Microsoft, Netscape and Accenture.

"There is an incredible opportunity for companies to supercharge productivity with focused AI applications and task-specific language models," said Boettcher. "I am excited to join AI21’s expanding leadership team to help our customers and partners streamline their processes with safe, reliable, and tailor-made large language models."

Following the recent appointment of Tom Nides as the first independent board member in North America, Boettcher’s addition continues a strategic expansion that will help propel our innovation in an ethical and value-driven way. 

Boettcher will oversee the responsible implementation of AI at AI21, drawing on his experience in ethical technology development at Responsible Innovation Labs and his experience implementing technologies at large enterprises from his time at Accenture. He also brings vast product development and management experience from his time spent at Microsoft as General Manager of product management and marketing for Office and Office365, in addition to leading product planning for several versions of Windows.

"With advancements and unforeseen changes constantly evolving the AI landscape, we are excited to welcome Shanen Boettcher to our executive team as our Chief AI Policy Officer." said Ori Goshen, co-CEO and co-founder of AI21. "His experience in enterprise technology implementation, as well as product management, will shed light on the needs of our customers while also supporting the company’s implementation of policies to shape AI governance and guardrails to ensure safe and reliable use of AI.”

Boettcher recently co-authored a whitepaper on adapting AI for enterprise boards, offering a valuable perspective on oversight within organizations adopting these new technologies. You can download the guide here.

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