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AI21 Labs’ State-of-the-Art Language Models to be Integrated into the Snowflake Platform

May 31, 2024
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AI21 Labs will be one of the first large language model (LLM) providers available on Snowflake’s new runtime for containerized workloads, Snowpark Container Services. The integration will allow Snowflake customers to leverage AI21’s powerful generative AI capabilities within their Snowflake-managed environment while maintaining a seamless and secure data cycle.

AI21 Labs is pleased to announce its partnership with Snowflake and plans to integrate with the recently launched Snowpark Container Services, making reliable generative AI accessible to organizations in a seamless, end-to-end lifecycle of containerized applications and AI/ML models. 

AI21 offers the state-of-the-art Jurassic family of foundation models along with Task-Specific Models – specific NLP capabilities built for ease-of-use and reliability in the enterprise. Snowflake’s Data Cloud enables customers to unite, discover, and securely share data, power data applications, and execute diverse AI/ML and analytics workloads. 

Our integration will enable Snowflake customers to leverage AI21’s powerful natural language and generative AI capabilities within row-level functions of their database tables directly in Snowflake, driving insights from proprietary datasets across verticals including retail and financial services. AI21’s quick-to-deploy models paired with Snowflake’s fully managed, easy-to-use infrastructure will accelerate time to value for customers.

Initially available in private preview, customers will be able to deploy AI21 models directly in their Snowflake account as Snowflake Native Apps, which are available through the Snowflake Marketplace. With Snowflake’s fully managed infrastructure and governance, customers can enjoy a seamless and secure deployment of AI21’s models to the data they choose with minimal configuration required. 

Our partnership with Snowflake demonstrates our commitment to making our language models seamlessly available to businesses, wherever they build applications and services. We look forward to seeing how Snowflake developers leverage Snowpark Container Services as part of Snowflake Native Apps to build AI-powered applications and scale their growth.

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