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AI21 Labs on Bedrock: Now Available for Every Amazon Customer

May 31, 2024
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We’re excited to share the expanded availability of our Jurassic models on Amazon's Bedrock platform.

We’re excited to share the expanded availability of our Jurassic models on Amazon's Bedrock platform. Bedrock is a comprehensive, fully managed service that offers AWS customers a secure gateway to foundational models, including AI21’s, along with a suite of generative AI application tools.

This collaboration allows forward-thinking companies to use AI21 Labs' Jurassic models within the Amazon ecosystem, ensuring the benefits of Amazon's security and privacy measures while simplifying the usage of large language models (LLMs) from third-party vendors. 

Since its limited launch in April 2023, AWS has experienced a surge in customer adoption, including AI21 Labs’ Jurassic models. 

Jurassic on Bedrock

With our Jurassic foundation models widely available in Bedrock, we are excited to provide more AWS builders and businesses with our reliable, sophisticated and flexible LLMs. The Jurassic series is built to follow natural language instructions that include summarization, article and email writing, answering questions from a provided knowledge base, and more. These models support English, as well as several other languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

Bedrock offers Jurassic-2’s Ultra and Mid models. Customers can choose between the different-sized models based on the complexity of the task at hand, allowing them to optimize costs and performance accordingly. 

Generative AI Built for Business

Jurassic's increasing adoption across verticals like finance, retail, customer support and knowledge management attests to its value. The strategic partnership between Bedrock and AI21 Labs accelerates innovation by offering enterprises swift access to state-of-the-art AI technology, all while adhering to rigorous security and privacy standards.

Ori Goshen, AI21 Labs’ Co-CEO and Co-Founder, shared his thoughts on this partnership. “We are excited about making Jurassic-2 models available through Amazon Bedrock because it enables developers to easily access Jurassic-2 without leaving their AWS environment and leverage the powerful generative text capabilities without worrying about managing the infrastructure. With the combination of Jurassic-2 models and Amazon Bedrock, developers can maximize the performance of language tasks while optimizing the cost thanks to the impressive zero-shot instruction-following capabilities and small footprint of Jurassic-2, and Bedrock’s cost-effective infrastructure.”

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Jurassic on Amazon Bedrock

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