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AI21 Labs' Latest LLMs Now Available in Google Cloud Marketplace

May 31, 2024
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AI21 Labs is excited to announce that our proprietary Jurassic large language models (LLMs) and Task-Specific models are now available on Google Marketplace, giving customers seamless access to build and deploy Generative AI-driven applications.

We are excited to announce that AI21 Studio is now readily accessible to customers on Google Cloud Marketplace, enabling businesses to purchase and deploy Generative AI-driven applications powered by Jurassic and Task-Specific models.

Jurassic models are among the world's most sophisticated large language models (LLMs), built to follow natural language instructions with use cases ranging from summarization, draft copy, question answering from a provided knowledge base, and more. Task-Specific models provide businesses with ready-made solutions that perform specialized language tasks with high accuracy and do not require any prompting, training or fine-tuning.

Simplified access 

Developers and businesses on Google Cloud can easily access our models within their Google environment, helping them leverage powerful Generative AI capabilities when building their own solutions. The integration also streamlines payment, enabling businesses to purchase access to our models on Google Cloud, skip the procurement process, and utilize existing Google Cloud credits.

Increased accessibility

Our Google Marketplace partnership increases the reach of our best-in-class LLMs, offering trusted, flexible and easy-to-use language generation capabilities for businesses of all verticals.

“Our software is already easy to use, with groundbreaking tools like source citing, AI content automation, and effortless customization,” said Ori Goshen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AI21 Labs. “We aim to build the most user-friendly and accessible LLMs possible and are taking another step towards achieving that goal by listing our platform on Google Marketplace as well as introducing a flexible usage-based pricing model.”

A key part of Generative AI adoption among enterprises is their ability to consume and integrate LLMs as part of a streamlined workflow. Google Marketplace joins other services that provide builders with easy access to our models within their cloud environment. We can’t wait to see how Google Cloud businesses build innovative Generative AI solutions with our models, and we look forward to our continued partnership with Google. 

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