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AI21 Labs Announces Partnership with Dataiku

May 31, 2024
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Thanks to our new partnership with Dataiku, our Jurassic large language models are now accessible through the Dataiku LLM Mesh ecosystem.

We’re joining Dataiku as a Launch Partner in their LLM Mesh ecosystem, combining our efforts to democratize data and AI. Dataiku customers can access our Jurassic series of large language models to develop innovative AI applications that streamline workflows, and enhance data-driven decision-making.

Dataiku's LLM Mesh ecosystem encourages an easily deployable and scalable integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) in enterprise applications. It will help enterprises choose among leading LLMs like AI21’s Jurassic models for their specific business use case, using the LLMs in a cost effective way, as well as assuage their privacy, security and compliance concerns. 

AI21 Labs strengthens this ecosystem by providing top-tier quality, flexible, and high performance LLMs designed specifically for the enterprise, built right into the LLM Mesh. With accessible Jurassic models, Dataiku customers can leverage the benefits of the Mesh and powerful large language models and get their generative AI-driven products into production faster.

As Pankaj Dugar, SVP and GM, North America at AI21 Labs states, "In today's evolving technological landscape, it's paramount that we foster a diverse, tightly integrated ecosystem within the Generative AI stack for the benefit of our customers. Our collaboration with Dataiku and the LLM Mesh underscores our commitment to this diversity, ensuring enterprises can access a broad spectrum of top-tier, flexible and reliable LLMs. We believe that diversity breeds innovation, and with Dataiku's LLM Mesh, we're stepping into a future of boundless AI possibilities."

Pankaj Dugar, AI21 Labs' SVP and North America GM, welcomes the partnership at Dataiku's flagship EveryDay AI conference.

As we move forward, we are excited to empower Dataiku's customers with the transformative capabilities of AI21 Labs' models, helping them unlock new possibilities and drive innovation in their respective industries. This partnership is a testament to our shared vision of a future where Generative AI is safe, scalable, and accessible to all.

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