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Human or Not? A Gamified Approach to the Turing Test

May 1, 2023

We present “Human or Not?”, an online game inspired by the Turing test, that measures the capability of AI chatbots to mimic humans in dialog, and of humans to tell bots from other humans. Over the course of a month, the game was played by over 1.5 million users who engaged in anonymous two-minute chat sessions with either another human or an AI language model which was prompted to behave like humans. The task of the players was to correctly guess whether they spoke to a person or to an AI. This largest scale Turing-style test conducted to date revealed some interesting facts. For example, overall users guessed the identity of their partners correctly in only 68% of the games. In the subset of the games in which users faced an AI bot, users had even lower correct guess rates of 60%(that is, not much higher than chance). This white paper details the development, deployment, and results of this unique experiment. While this experiment callsfor many extensions and refinements, these findings already begin to shed light on the inevitable near future which will commingle humans and AI.

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