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Frontend Full-stack Engineer

• 3+ years of hands-on experience of building full-stack applications • Experience with building web applications from idea, concept till production • Experience in at least one frontend framework such as React, Angular, Vue, etc. • Experience in at least one backend web framework, such as Flask, Django, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, SpringMVC, etc. • Experience with developing on top of AWS/Azure/GCP clouds and leveraging tools such as message queues (e.g. SQS), databases (e.g. RDS), Docker containers, Lambda functions, etc. • Python experience • Familiarity with modern frontend builds pipelines and tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM and unit-testing technologies such as Jest, Jasmine or Mocha/Chai

Senior Backend Engineer

• 5+ years of hands-on industry experience in developing high performance, large-scale distributed computing system, SOA/microservices • Prior experience in working with cloud computing platforms (e.g. AWS, GCP) • Prior experience in deploying and maintaining a production-grade backend system and RESTful API • Prior experience with Kubernetes, Docker, CI pipeline and production monitoring • Experience with data processing pipelines • Experience with Machine Learning concepts (TensorFlow or PyTorch) - an advantage

Product Designer

• 2 years experience as a product designer • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills • Excellent eye for aesthetic design and customer appeal • Artistic and innovative flair • Excellent attention to detail • Meticulous and diligent • Strong knowledge of the industry and market trends

Product Analyst

• 3 years product analyst experience, preferably in a b2c company • Exceptional analytical skills • Proficiency in SQL and/or Spark • Proficiency in Python scientific packages (numpy, pandas, scikit-learn) and visualization tools (matplotlib, seaborn, bokeh) • Excellent presentation & communication capabilities - speak the voice of the customer through data • Self-motivated and curious

Senior QA Automation Engineer

• 4+ years of hands-on experience of writing automation for testing web applications (API and UI). • Derive test cases from a user's perspective • Experience with Puppeteer / Selenium or similar framework. • Experience with Python or Node.js • Experience with continuous integration and agile methodologies

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